Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Undoubtly one of the best loh bak in Penang.
Their loh bak are fried to perfection and you can actually taste the meat that is marinated with spices.
There is also prawn fritters which is also favourites among the local.
Both items must be eaten with their homemade sauce.
Always dip the sauce(black) first and then the chilli first to have that spicy kick when eaten.
The best LOH BAK in Penang is located at Kheng Pin Cafe

Kheng Pin CafĂ©,80, 
Jalan Penang (junction with Jalan Sri Bahari)
10000 Penang, Malaysia.
Opens from 7 am until late afternoon, not open for dinner


Thursday, March 31, 2016


New cafe in Penang - Kim Haus (Campbell Street)

They have a selection of food and coffee.
The waiter recommend us the coffee cream spaghetti and Kim Haus Roti Babi.
Coffee cream spaghetti was good.
The coffee taste can be felt in the spaghetti and it was really unique.
Their unique twist to "Roti Babi" was really interesting.
The bread was really crunchy and the sauce was a well blend into the whole thing.
Coffee wise, I would prefer if they have some art into it.


Thursday, October 01, 2015


Men fashion can be a little bit tricky these days. There is so much going on with fashion. Not only that, men are clueless with what they wear. We can follow fashion/trends but it will fade away. What we need is good pieces that can endure through time, or when you look back at pictures, you will not be thinking, what the hell was I wearing.

Hence below are the top 5 essentials that is needed in every men closet :-

1) The Simple Black T-Shirt

I said it black and not white. A lot tend to say white t-shirt is a must have but to me a simple black t-shirt is a must have. It can be paired with anything, jeans/chino or even shorts. It can be round neck or V-neck. Whether you purchase your black t-shirts in a pack of three or you spend more money for a name brand, remember that they only work when they’re perfectly laundered and stay black. If you tend to be hard on your clothes, you might be better off purchasing a lower-cost package of black t-shirts. A designer black t-shirt might offer a better fit, but you’re going to pay a premium for it – and the brand name. Black colour is very slimming as well.

2) The Classic Polo T

Button-up shirts can be too formal, but t-shirt might also be way too casual. The solution? Definitely a polo. It’s actually very much a combination of the two styles, and perfect for casual events that call for an extra dose of class. A classic polo is a simple polo where it does not have any weird designs or logo. Simple colour like white or navy blue and also the polo must fit your body perfectly, not too big and not too small.

3) A Good Pair Jeans

Jeans is an essential for every men. If you prefer slim or skinny or simply straight. It is fine and this is your preference. Do make sure the jeans fit you perfectly. It needs to be in the right cut. When buying a pair of jeans always Try on as many pairs as you can and then get the best pair tailored to perfection.The correct jeans will make your legs look good and maybe help to accentuate the butt. You will feel good as well when wearing it

4) Statement Blazer

By statement I don’t mean something floral patterned and scary, rather a friendly blazer which you can throw over a polo shirt/t-shirt when the sun goes down. One classic cut blazer actually is not only essential but super necessary! Such blazers can make every look more upscale, sophisticated and elegant. And the best part is that black and navy blazers can be seen in every runway show season after season.

5) The White Shirt

Seriously you should already own one (or four) of this timeless staple, I like to buy a great white shirt from time to time to combat wear-and-tear, fading, and all the stains we accumulated last year. This is like the LBD for women. It will never go out of style and it compliments every gentlemen out there. You can wear it for formal, for casual or even to bed. Promise, you can never go wrong with a nice, white shirt. For maximum versatility, try and get one that is long enough to stay in your trousers but still short enough to look good when untucked.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015



Singaporeans can never go wrong with their chicken rice.
Tian Tian is one of them.
I manage to test them at Joo Chiat road
Here are some pictures to show you how delicious it is

Tian Tian Chicken Rice
You can smell the fragrant chicken rice from afar.
They uses chicken broth in the rice hence when you taste its soo flavourful
 Crunchy Taugeh
And the Chicken - its soo juicy and soo moist. 
Green Vege - in every meal there must something green 
Chicken skin - first time tasted chicken skin in this way.
Its like eating jelly fish


Tuesday, November 04, 2014



Its like eating Godiva in every bite that you take.
Easily melts in your mouth. 
Not too sweet and have bitter end taste in it.
Definitely a must try when in Singapore

The ice cream is only available in Singapore Takashimaya Departmental Store.
Its at the basement 2 and right in the centre of the food department.
Not hard to find. 


Thursday, October 16, 2014


7 basic rules of layering

Rule #1: Thinner clothes first
The first rule is straightforward and logical: the closer to your skin, the thinner the material. That said, make sure to start with items that are made from thinner fabrics such as a cotton T-shirt, dress shirt or turtleneck, and then layer them with heavier items such as a wool sweater, a corduroy blazer, or a leather jacket.

Rule #2: Define the layer
A layer is essentially any item that can be worn on its own and look great. In other words, wearing a tacky wife beater underneath a stylish dress shirt does not qualify as cool layering.

Rule #3: Keep it casual
Layering is best used for casual occasions and is generally not appropriate in more formal settings. Keep in mind, however, that a layered combo can include one or more classy pieces, such as a tailored blazer and a fine dress shirt.

Rule #4: Always feel comfortable
As a general rule, you shouldn't wear anything that feels uncomfortable. With that in mind, if you can't put your arms all the way down to your sides or scratch the back of your ear, then your layering combination is most likely too thick and therefore, far from trendy.

Rule #5: Mix in some color
Just because the mercury drops, doesn't mean you have to put a freeze on your color selection. Black, brown, navy, and gray are all great fall/winter colors, but so are lime green, purple and fuchsia...well, at least when worn and combined properly. Be fearless and don't hesitate to spice up your look with a little color.

Rule #6: Layering is practical
In general, you're better off wearing two or three thinner layers of clothing rather than one thick one -- especially during fall, when the weather can fluctuate drastically.

Rule #7: Jacket not required
Last but not least, remember that layering must not necessarily include jack